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Monday, May 16, 2011

Da Bulls

I know the title is outdated but that’s how long it’s been since I sat and watched the Bulls play a game.  But with the emergence of Rose and their playoff run, and I want to see Miami go down just because they pulled a Yankees and bought a bunch of good players, I’ve been watching more.  I actually watched a few games last year and a little more this year but I’ve been trying to watch the Bulls/Heat series.  You can call me a bandwagon fan if you like, but I was a Bulls fan back in the day so technically I’m not a bandwagon fan.  I just really hate to watch NBA anymore.  If I watch any basketball anymore, it’s college.  And I don’t watch that much of college either.  So call me what you will, but I’m paying attention to NBA again and it’s been a long time.
Maybe this team will get me into watching again.  I quit watching baseball back in 1994 when they went on strike.  And it took the HR race of Sosa/McGwire in 1998 to get me to start watching again.  So maybe the Bulls run will get me back to watching.  I’m sure my wife would love if I started watching another sport.  Or not.
Either way, I found these this morning and thought they were cool/funny.

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