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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trade with Night Owl

My 2nd trade post of the weekend is with “Night Owl”  I reached out and sent him some Dodgers cards and he had sent some cards in return.  I had actually e-mailed 2 Dodger fans about possible trades before I had realized it so I had to break my Dodger cards in 2.  Sorry guys.  Here’s the highlights.


Love, love, love the vintage.  Without looking, I want to say those are all firsts of those years and sets, except the 1981 Topps.  But I certainly don’t mind that card either as it was my starter set back in the day.  Sportflics, awww, I remember how cool those were back in 1986.  Plus a couple of cards of some White Sox broadcasters with Beltin’ Bill Melton and Ed Farmer.  And a current base coach in Harold Baines.


And of course, another vintage feel card with the Fisk and I believe the Jenks is my first O-pee-chee card.  Really like the look of the Masterpieces as well.  All in all, another great trade from another great blogger.  Check out the “Night Owl” blog.

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  1. Glad you liked them. Some of those vintage Sox were just waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for a White Sox collector to claim them.