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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick post

Just a quick note, still working a bunch because I’m broke.  Which also leads to I haven’t bought any cards in awhile.  I’ve joined a few breaks here and there when I find them cheap enough but no packs.  I get sad every time I go to Walmart and I have to walk past the card aisle.  Haven’t been to the LCS in a long while either but that’s because it sucks.  I think I’ve spoke of it before.  Just read a blog post, maybe two, about $.10 and $.50 boxes.  Would love to have a LCS that had those where I could go and spend hours going through.  I remember doing that as a kid.

I have some trade stuff to send out, I’m going to try to get that stuff out this weekend since it’s a 3 day weekend.  Although, rumor has it we might work Saturday and Sunday.  I don’t think we will, but you never know.  All but 1 are the start of a trade. I still owe Kevin some cards and I still need to get through my cards to get them prepared.

Anyways, I might get a post in sometime this week but we’ll see.  Until then, happy hunting on your collections.


  1. Hello,

    I couldn't find an email for you, but I run the Rockies card blog Cards from the Quarry and was wondering if you up for a trade.

    If so, email me at hiflew@yahoo.com. I am somewhat great at pulling White Sox cards and have never had a trade partner with a ChiSox collector, so I have some good stuff for you.