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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trade with Things are Funner Here

For my 3rd and final trade post of the weekend, I had a trade with Julie over at “Things Are Funner Here.” Another great trade, I’m having so much fun trading with these other bloggers. If your on the fence about doing so, hop on over to this side, it’ll be worth it. My White Sox collection is getting bigger and bigger by the trade. I’ve been too busy to get out and buy some packs so the only thing new I’ve been able to play with are my trade packages. And Julie sent a great one as well. Here’s some of the highlights.


Love the top 2 cards, just the vintage look of them are awesome. I’m a big fan of Peavy and AJ for the way they play. Hard all the time. A flashback of Contreras who was won of our World Series heroes. I really like Ken Griffey jr, always have. I wish his stay with the Sox would have been better. He didn’t perform as well as to be expected. But I did love seeing him in a White Sox uniform. And of course an Alexei Ramirez rookie, of which I had none yet.


The Buehrle card is a numbered one, I’m guessing an exchange for the Oswalt numbered card I sent her. I really like the Allen & Ginter’s, especially the Peavy one in the middle. Also didn’t have any of the UD Xponential cards, I like the looks of that card.


And of course, Julie boosted my Paul Konerko collection with all of these by quite a bit, Actually she about doubled it. So a big shout out to Julie, go check out her blog “Things Are Funner Here” for more great card blogging.

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