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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This and That

This post will be a random post, I know wrong blog, my other blog is titled Random thoughts from a Random guy. But I like this idea then 3 or 4 posts within an hour or so of each one. So here goes.

First, I finally got around to sitting down (on the floor), to scan some cards. Anything with a cord has to be locked down because our cat likes to chew them. Ask my daughter about the 3 phone chargers she’s gone through. Sorry, I’m getting more random then I thought. I just completed a trade with AJ over at The Lost Collector, I sent him some Yankees and he sent me some Sox as well as a Colts and a non-White Sox Konerko card. He seemed to be very happy with what I sent him which makes me happy because I’m always afraid I’ll shortchange somebody and he wanted to do a blind trade. But it worked out great. We were both happy with what we got. Here’s just a few of the cards he sent me.


Loved the Carlton Fisk’s, especially the 82 Donruss and the mini because I used to have those cards so lots of memories there. Plus he gave me my first Fisk and my first Robin Ventura card for my newly started collection. Definitely like the Sergio Santos Bowman rookie card. For those that don’t follow the Sox, he has been the 1 bright spot on the pitching staff all year long. After our previous closer (Matt Thornton) blew 4 saves early, Ozzie went to a closer by committee but it seems as he is going to use Santos for most of those. I believe he still has a 0.00 ERA for the year. Now if we can actually have a lead in the 9th for him to get some more close situations. I’m also collecting Paul Konerko cards from any team. He doesn’t have too many non Sox cards but he has some from the Reds and Dodgers. AJ has blessed me with my first non-Sox Konerko card for my collection as well.

As you can tell, AJ helped me with a bunch of first’s for my collection. So a big thanks to him and go check out his blog – The Lost Collector. And one of these days, I’ll get all the cards from my 2 trades update on my White Sox cards page.

While I’m talking about adding to my collection. You may remember I added Tom Seaver and Billy Williams to my players to collect. If not, you can go back a few days and read the post. Or click here. Anyways, I had purchased a bunch of base cards of the Gypsy Queen from the Breaks group that I belong too and got my first Tom Seaver for my collection.


So I’m still searching for my first Billy Williams card but I imagine that collection will take a little longer to collect.

I also went through my cards and pulled what few Michigan cards I have so far.


My collections are under way and I’m having a blast. My wife just rolls her eyes and says “honey, you have a problem” but at least it’s a fun problem to have.


I don’t usually bad mouth other teams, much. And I’m not the typical White Sox fan who lives and breathes to hate the Cubs as much as love my Sox. That’s a whole other post but let me just say, if you don’t live in Chicago, which I don’t, the Cubs are just another team. Do I want to beat them more than most other teams, of course. But that’s just because I’m not real far from Chicago so there are a lot of obnoxious Cubs fans around me daily. There are also some great ones, but mostly obnoxious. But one feeling I do have about the Cubs. I feel bad for their fans. I don’t think I need to expound on that. Any baseball fan knows their history.


That’s just funny. I don’t care who you are. If your lost, google Jim Tressel or Ohio State.


Found a site that posts “vintage” photographs so you’ll probably see those on here from time to time. I’ll post the link to the site later. But for now there is that one. And this one.


The NBA hasn’t been the same since he left.

I know, pretty random, covered three sports, one I don’t even follow anymore. But covered my two major loves, the White Sox and the Michigan Wolverines. Guess it wasn’t all random, they were all sports related.

Looking forward to tomorrow as in the White Sox don’t have a game, so we can’t lose. Anyways, time for bed, I’m getting that look from my wife again.


  1. Enjoyed reading with you and hopefully we can trade again in the near future. Keep up the great work on the blog.

  2. Sorry- autocorrect. Enjoyed TRADING with you, although I'm sure you're a blast to read with as well.

  3. Thanks, I enjoyed the trade too. I've had a couple now and they've both been good. I've already started the next stack for you, I'll let you know when I get a bunch to send you. I'd give you a witness account of how fun I am to read with too, but I generally read alone. lol