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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trade with Kevin

I got an email from Kevin about a week ago asking for my address because he was going to send some cards my way in exchange, I could send him some cards back in fair value. I received his cards earlier in the week and finally got around to scanning them.


He boosted my Tom Seaver collection by quite a bit. Loved seeing these cards. I remember having some of these as a kid. Especially love the 1971 ERA leaders. Those alone were great. But there was more.


Paul Konerko rookies, a bunch of Frank Thomas. What White Sox collector wouldn’t want those. But that wasn’t it, there was more.


2 rookie refractors, an Aparicio, Wilhelm, Fisk and Baines. And this was just the highlights. Great lot Kevin. I’m going to have find you some good cards to even out this trade. Hopefully I’ll have some time during the holiday weekend coming up.

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