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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo cleansing

I save photo’s I like as I go through blogs and when I get a few, I’ll post them here for your enjoyment. And it takes less space storing them here then on my computer. I do the same thing on my other blog, only they are usually funny pics or toons. Here we go.

white sox 2

Starting off with some Sox pics and news.


This first pic, or gif, is of the wild pitch thrown by the Angels against the White Sox that let the game winning run in the 10th inning earlier in the week. If I recall, the 1st time we played the Angels was the start of our extended slump. Now the series last week seems to have gotten us out of it. It started with the play above but finished with this awesome play by Paul Konerko that gave Matt Thornton his 1st save of the year.



The above pic is Coco Crisp trying to outright steal home. But failed. Matt Thornton on the mound, going through his normal wind-up instead of pitching from the stretch. Crisp took a shot at it, but fell short as AJ Pierzynski tags him in front of the plate. AJ was pumped and slammed the ground while getting up. Opponents don’t like AJ because they misunderstand a lot of what he does. But when he plays for you, he plays with fire and passion. All he wants to do is win. People get upset when he strikes out and he slams his bat down. I love it, I want him pissed that he got out. His replacement, Tyler Flowers, has been in the minors for a few years now and hasn’t really panned out as much as he was thought too. So they keep signing AJ for a year or two every year. I hope he retires a White Sox player. He loves playing here and we love him playing here.


And in Michigan news.


The death of Robert “Tractor” Traylor in Puerto Rico of an apparent massive heart attack. Never did much in the pros but was a huge force at Michigan. I remember seeing when he did this. Couldn’t tell you if it was highlights or watching a game but I remember it.

colts 2

And in Colts news, NOTHING!!! Because they are still on strike.


How about some more baseball.


Tony LaRussa during the lineup exchange before the Cardinals/Cubs matchup. Why is this here? Well that’s not really Tony LaRussa. That’s Cardinal pitcher Kyle Lohse doing his LaRussa impersonation. Hate baseball or not, I think the players of baseball have a lot more fun than any other sport.


Harmon Killebrew announced that he is giving up his fight with esophageal cancer. This hung in the Twins dugout in yesterdays game at Target Field. I hate to see cancer beat anyone, but sometimes you just can’t win.

"It is with profound sadness that I share with you that my continued battle with esophageal cancer is coming to an end. With the continued love and support of my wife, Nita, I have exhausted all options with respect to controlling this awful disease. My illness has progressed beyond my doctors’ expectation of cure.

I have spent the past decade of my life promoting hospice care and educating people on its benefits. I am very comfortable taking this next step and experiencing the compassionate care that hospice provides.

I am comforted by the fact that I am surrounded by my family and friends. I thank you for the outpouring of concern, prayers and encouragement that you have shown me. I look forward to spending my final days in comfort and peace with Nita by my side."

Harmon Killebrew


As much as you loved Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen and Horance Grant. Without the outside shooting of Steve Kerr and later BJ Armstrong, they don’t win their 6 championships. I remember this game, watched it live.


I always remember this one from one of the greatest to ever play the game. The NBA badly misses him because the league hasn’t been the same since he left.

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