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Monday, May 9, 2011

Update–Sox & Angels

I got some more trade cards in the mail but I’ll have to leave that post for later this week.  Possibly the weekend as I have a girl scouts awards tomorrow night, baseball/softball games Wednesday and Thursday.  Maybe Friday night.  Baseball/softball games Saturday and prom stuff in the evening.  So maybe Sunday.  Maybe not at all at this rate.  Didn’t realize how busy my week was going to be till I typed all that out.

For the couple of people who had e-mailed me about trades, I don’t hardly check my gmail account because they usually come to my phone so since I got nothing to it, I didn’t know I had e-mail.  I replied before coming here though.  Just didn’t want you all to think I was ignoring you.

white soxVS.angels

Anyways, I’ve suckered myself into watching the last couple of White Sox games (in case you don’t follow my twitter).  And they’ve won.  I know, I’m shocked too.  So I told my wife that we would be good and go to bed tonight at 10.  What I didn’t tell her yet is that they are on the west coast which means their game doesn’t start till 10 here.  So the TV will be on.  Shhhh!  She reads this blog, but she probably won’t until tomorrow so I’ll be safe at work when she does and realizes my master plan.

So hopefully the Sox are coming out of their slump and right this train before it becomes completely derailed.  Everything has looked good the last few days and we are going into Los Angeles or Anaheim or whatever you want to call them.  If you’re a new follower than you don’t know that there is an Angels fan at work.  And we have a standing bet.  We bet per game but a sweep pays double.  Which if you remember, the Sox started their slump when we played the Angels in Chicago and they got swept.  He told me to hold on before I paid him until after this series.  So I desperately need a sweep on the Sox favor this time.  I know this is asking a lot, especially now, but I really need a sweep.

I had read on Julie’s blog “Things are funner here” where she bet on her Phillies with a guy whom I haven’t met but have his blogged bookmarked as well at “Tomahawk Chopping” where they bet on the games against each other with packs of cards.  I loved the idea.  So if anybody out there wants to bet on the series against the Sox with me, give me a holler, either here in the comments section or send me an email – jccsst1022 at gmail dot com.  Hopefully it’ll come to my phone, but I’ll start checking more often now.  We can cap the packs price at $2.99 or something.  Hit me up if your interested.

It’s 5 till 10pm so I have to go to bed, now.  Shhh!  Until next time.

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