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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Box Break from Colby

Cardboard Collections” had one of his affordable box breaks a little while back.  I got in on it because the boxes he was breaking, I had very little to none of any of them.  It was an all Donruss box break.  He broke into 1986 Leaf, 2002 Donruss, and 2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club,  I may have had some 2002 Donruss but I was pretty sure I didn’t have anything else.  I also got the White Sox for $7, which is where the affordable comes in.  Let’s see what I got.


Nothing overly exciting but all of the above cards went into my White Sox collection.  I had none of them.  The Jose Canseco on the left was numbered but I don’t remember to what.  Nothing real high.  He also threw in a few Sox cards that weren’t part of the break.  The Turkey Red in the back of the 86 Leaf’s in an Alexei Ramirez which I didn’t have as well.


The 3 above went into the player collections.  I thought I had the Konerko 2002 Donruss but apparently not.  I got duplicates of the Tom Seaver which is why you see it in both pictures above.  So it went to the White Sox collection as well as the Tom Seaver collection.  The Luis Aparicio was another throw in from Colby that I didn’t have.

Definitely can’t complain about all that for $7.  Be sure to check out Colby’s blog for more of his affordable box breaks at “Cardboard Collections”.

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  1. My only complaint is being reminded that Canseco used to wear the black.