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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cheap LCS Pickups

My cousin was in town and I took him to the only decent LCS that’s not really an LCS.  Don’t know what I’m talking about, read here.  Anyways, we caught it at a good time.  They had out a 5/$1 box, a $1 box, and labeled prices box.  We searched them all and this is what I found.  I can’t tell you what I found where but I’ll tell you my cost at the end of the post.


2 Awesome Jordan’s.  Very shiny.  One is gold, one is silver.  Both are cards created from promotions by companies I have never heard of before.  One is a promo for a company that was going to be at the national that year.  The guy in charge of cards threw those in because he didn’t know what to charge.  2 Frank Thomas cards I didn’t have.


Bought all these for my set completions.  As you can tell they are all Hall of Famers but I think I paid a good price for them.  You’ll see these again on my 1973 and 1981 posts.


Another 1960 for the White Sox Collection.  The Michigan card doesn’t really fit with my collection because I only collect them in Michigan uniforms but I made an exception for that card because it has the block M’s.  You’ll see that in a later post on “Too Many Manninghams” where I’ll go more into detail.  I’m waiting on a couple of cards from Ebay before I throw that post up over there.


Picked both these up for my player collections of Tom Seaver and Billy Williams.  Really like both cards since they share them with Nolan Ryan, Johnny Bench and Tony Perez.


And finally, 2 auto’s and a relic.  I know somebody who probably likes the Getz auto but it’s staying with me since he’s in a Sox uniform.  Although technically all those card aren’t it.  I did pick up a card for Dennis as well .  So add up all the above cards plus an additional relic card not pictured and the total cost to me was $12.  Not too bad, I must say.

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  1. Nice pickups for the price! No worries, I have that Getz anyway, so you enjoy it. I really like the Alumni Association card, but those are some excellent Frank Thomas inserts.