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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Box Break loot from Kyle

Kyle over at “JABO’s” held a box break for 2012 Topps Archives.  I was really looking forward to getting in on it because of the product.  My lesson learned was always check and see what possible cards your team might have.  I kept reading everybody’s posts about Archives and glancing through the cards, looking for some awesome White Sox cards, but hardly saw any.  So I waited until I got my loot from Kyle’s box break.


Out of a whole box, this was all I got.  That sucks.  I didn’t even get duplicates of the Konerko to put towards each collection.  Sure, I got dupes of Danks but I only needed 1 of those.  After this, I went and looked at the checklist for Archives.  Wouldn’t you know it, I got all the base cards.  2 freaking cards.  3 including the dupe.  I can’t remember if I’ve even seen any inserts of White Sox players.  I want to say maybe 1 or 2.  There are cards I need for my player collections that weren’t Sox cards but (Luis Aparicio and Tom Seaver).  So needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled with the Archives release.

But it all turned to be worth the break.  Because I did land this.


Ron Kittle, sweet.  1984 Topps, sweet.  This made the break completely worthwhile.

Although I’m still pissed at the lack of Sox cards in Archives, that wasn’t Kyle’s fault, it was Topps fault.  Plus Kyle does his box breaks by cost in accordance to possible hits.  So I didn’t pay a huge amount for the Sox anyways.  Be sure to check out “JABO’s” for all kinds of card related stuff including more box breaks.

note-I already got the other Konerko I need from Dennis so no need to send it to me.  I know how generous a lot of you are and that’s the only reason for the note.


  1. Yeah, the Padres didn't have any base cards AT ALL. There were three Padres in the "re-prints" (Gwynn, Winfield, Ozzie), but that was it. Pretty weak, Topps.

    Don't worry though, plenty of Yankees.

    1. Always plenty of freaking Yankees. For me it was so disappointing because I was really looking forward to the set. I learned my lesson though, before you get to excited about the set, check for your teams cards.