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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trade from Sluggo

My cousin came up for the 4th of July and brought me a small stack of Sox cards.  He sets up at shows and is always on the lookout for me.  He tends to grab odd ball stuff in hopes of picking up cards I don’t have.  He did a pretty good job here, if I remember right, I only had 1 of the cards he gave me.


All of the above are Frank Thomas.  I don’t think I recognized any of these sets except the Fleer on the top right but it’s actually a Tiffany parallel.  He definitely knows how to pick up things I don’t have.


Didn’t have any of these 3.  I thought I had the Jared Mitchell but I actually had the Purple parallel, so I now have a mini rainbow with the base set and the refractor version.


A couple more refractor versions of base cards.  I do love the shiny cards.


The 82 Donruss reprint of Fisk’s diamond king card.  And my first Topps American Pie, couldn’t have been of a better player.


And finally, he managed to hit my Paul Konerko collection with this shiny refractor of his 2011 Topps.  Thanks sluggo!

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