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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guess the auto?

Thomas is the man.  He is a generous guy and really likes to blog as he uses a bunch of different media to post his cards.  Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and others.  Those are the 3 I follow because those are 3 that I use.  Anyways, we met on Tumblr, even if you don’t want to set up an account of your own, there are a few bloggers posting their card collections over there.  I post all kinds of sports pictures as well as my cards.  With a smattering of Michigan, White Sox and Colts stuff.  All at My Sports Obsession Tumblr.  I know Canadian Cardboard is over there as well as Ryan from RGB Cards.   Plus there’s a few sites that post random baseball cards throughout the day.  If your interested in some of those, I can get you the links.

This post is for mysportsobsession. It took me up until last year to get this in person autograph. No COA because I don’t plan to sell it. It’s truly an iconic item in my collection for me. For those who don’t know, it is autographed by Frank Thomas.(Taken with Instagram)But back to Thomas.  I don’t even remember how we got started talking, but we comment here and there now.  Or like Instagram posts.  Anyways, he posted an autographed ball on his Tumblr just so I could see it.  Then he emailed me and told me he had a card with him that day as well and that I could have it.  See what I mean about generous.  Well, I got the card in the mail yesterday and got out the scanner today.  Do you recognize the signature?  Probably not, but the inscribed MVP years might give it away.  Or maybe you will recognize it on this.


Is that freaking awesome or what.  My first auto of Frank Thomas, and probably my last at what his certified ones go for.   Remember, I’m cheap.  A big shout out to Thomas for this awesome card.  Or mad props to my homey, if that’s more your language.  Go check out “My Cardboard Addiction” and bookmark it and add it to your blogrolls.  While his PC cards are pretty cool, I like his Funny Card Series.  Go check him out, and thanks Thomas, I can’t express how much this card means to my collection.

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  1. Jeff, thank you for the shot outs brother! I'm glad the card made it to you safe and sound! Sorry my posts have slowed in the past week. I have some things going on that I will blog about tonight. I hope your well man! Thanks again for posting this and thanks for the props on the funny card series! hahaha It's great to do odd things like it. I think it is pretty fun!