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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trade with the Dutch Card Guy

The Dutch Card Guy asked for some cards in my giveaway which I eventually sent him.  He responded even before he got my end with a huge package.  These are just some of the highlights.


My first Octavio Dotel relic.  A numbered Jermaine Dye.  I don’t even know what the Harold Baines is and a red (not orange, like it looks) parallel of Gregory Infante.

The Dotel relic is numbered to /99.  It was the 2nd to last card made, being as it’s numbered 98/99.  You can never go wrong with relics or autos.  Not a big fan of the Co-Signers cards, I’m not sure why.  I have others but this one was new, and numbered.  Like I said above, I don’t know what the Baines is but I really like that card.  What you can’t see is that it’s framed like the Masterpieces are.  And like some of you, I really like the colored borders.  I hate that I have to collect them all, but I like the looks of them.

And like I said, these are the highlights.  He sent me 4 team bags full of cards which 3/4 of them were new to me.  Be sure to hit up The Dutch Card Guy and check out his blog.


  1. Baines is from the "Emotion" set. They had to come up with a word to describe each player. He got "Zest."

    At least his "emotion" wasn't "Grinnin". :-)


  2. It's quite obvious DCG sent those to the wrong address. All those cards should have come to Illinois and not Indiana. Shame on you, DCG.

  3. glad you like them Jeff ! and to the other Jeff, next time i will make you something nice as well :-)