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Monday, July 23, 2012

Trade with Dennis

Dennis, as most of you know, is an awesome trader.  But he’s a lopsided trader.  He makes you feel bad because he sends you so many cards that you can’t keep up with them.  But no worries, because Dennis is cool like that. 


I love this card.  Even though I’m not a fan of manufactured patches, I can still give some love when they are done right.  And that usually involves the team logo in the patch.


And as mentioned in an earlier post.  Dennis asked if I needed this Archive card, which I did.  I had one for the Konerko collection but needed one for the White Sox Collection.

And the reason he sent the package.


Now if you missed my previous post, Dennis sent me this card.  And now he follows up with these 4 cards.  I love Dennis, I’m thinking about moving up to A2 so he can take care of me.  Just kidding of course, but I do love the cards he grabs for me.  For the record, these are the base cards I have from Billy Williams playing days.

  • 1961 (from Dennis)
  • 1963 (from Dennis)
  • 1964 (from Dennis)
  • 1965 (from Dennis)
  • 1967 (from Dennis)
  • 1971 (from Greg)
  • 1973 Topps (from me)

So basically, the vintage part of my Billy Williams collection wouldn’t be crap without traders, especially Dennis.  The only reason I have the 1973 is because I found it running across ebay for 1973’s for the set. 

Be sure to check him out at “Too Many Verlanders” and over at “Too Many Manninghams” where he has a slacker guest contributor.  Believe me, you want Dennis to be a connection to your collection.

Thanks again, brother.  Maybe I’ll hit you up in A2 for Fan Appreciation Day this year with a stack to make up for all this love.

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