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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February Additions - Cal Ripken Jr Collection

This months pick-ups come from
  1. Jimmy at S.Mack Talk
  2. Ray at All Cardinals All the Time
  3. Sluggo (my cousin)
  4. JustCommons.com
  5. COMC.com
  6. LCS - Media Madhouse
  7. LCS - Just Cards
  8. Ebay
  9. Packs

I've randomed and todays selections are going to the Cal Ripken Jr Collection

1992 Fleer ($.18)

1993 Donruss ($.15)

1987 Sportflict (.$.25)

1992 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers ($.25)

1992 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers ($.25)

Picked up these 5 for the Ripken binder at Just Commons. I'm not sure if I ever have seen the bottom 2.

1999 Upper Deck Collector's Choice ($.54)

2000 Fleer Impact Mighty Fine in '99 ($.45)

2000 Fleer Impact ($.30)

1992 Leaf ($.54)

1992 O-Pee-Chee ($.54)

1994 Topps ($.44)

1993 Pinnacle ($.54)
There are always plenty of Ripken's to pick up on Ebay. Of course, I have to get them pretty cheap but as you can tell, I can still pick up a few.

2016 Topps Persepectives
 I did manage to grab this one out of the packs, I had bid on a few of them but always got outbid on them.

1996 Pinnacle Zenith Mozaics ($.75)

Picked this card up at my local sorta LCS. He buys and sells, mainly electronic stuff but he has a small section of cards that I can occasionally find something for myself.

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