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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Saturday spring haul

I had no envelopes today so like I promised, I'm going to show some cards that Dennis from "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams" gave me when we got together at the Michigan spring game this past Saturday. He gave me a healthy stack of cards that I didn't have from player collections to team collections.

The first 2 player collections we both collect so I'm sure these are all dupes for him.

These 6 Ripken cards were all new to me and put that collection at 321 cards. I actually thought I had a couple of them but according to my records (which is always accurate, yeah right!) I don't.

We also both collect Barry Larkin as he is a former Wolverine that we both like. These 5 cards put that collection at 120 cards. I always liked the ESPN cards at the bottom, you would think they would have more subsets or inserts that had to do with ESPN but then again, it would probably be all Yankees and Red Sox players.

These 3 Johnny Bench stickers put that collection at 68 cards. I love these stickers because I used to buy and stick these in the Topps albums that you can buy when I was a kid.

These were great additions because I don't get to add to many to the Billy Williams collection. I assumed there would at least be 1 Billy Williams in the 100 years of Wrigley set but I hadn't actually seen one yet. They are nice cards, I like the sign with the ivy, I'd like it more if I was a Cubs fan but I could see a fan really loving that set. These 2 cards put that collection at 64 cards.

Dennis also hit my Gary Carter collection with this Tribute card. I don't get to see to many of those considering everything I buy is a quarter or less. This Carter puts that collection at 102 cards.

Dennis even managed to hit my biggest player collection with this Paul Konerko. I knew I had this but I generally keep dupes of serial numbered cards since technically, they are different. I went to log it into the Konerko have list and realized the one I already had was numbered to /999 and this one is to /99 so it's definitely a different version of the card. This Konerko puts that collection at 414 cards.

He even managed to hit the White Sox collection with this autograph of Bobby Howry. I remember him being a decent reliever back in the days before our last World Series.

The 2nd autograph that he sent me was a Michigan auto of Will Johnson. This card is from 2009 and is my first auto of Will.

These 4 cards are all starter to each player collection. I don't know that De'Veon will have to many cards in the pros. Taco Charlton should as he was a very good DE but we'll see if he sticks somewhere, plus, you know defensive players don't get to many cards to begin with. I fully expect Jake Butt to have some pro cards so this 2 card head start on his career is a nice step.

As always, a big thank you to Dennis for the cards and for the great seats on Saturday.


  1. Howry was a great setup man. Man - him coming in the 8th inning meant lights out.

  2. Lots of good stuff there. It was nice to see that the Cubs gave Billy a World Series ring.

  3. That 1996 Topps Ripken is one of my favorite cards ever.