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Thursday, April 6, 2017

White Sox Winner, and I got cards

The White Sox won their first game today by spanking the Tigers to tie the series. Granted it was supposed to be a 4 game series but with the crappy weather, they only played 2. It's nice to see the offense capable of 11 runs but I have a feeling we may not see those number to often.

I got 2 envelopes with 2 cards in the mail today. I needed about 100 cards after the day I had at work but I guess these 2 will have to do. Both were for the vintage collection.

I picked this up for the 1980 Topps set for $.23/shipped. Good action shot, but that jersey, yikes! Sadly, when I hear the Astros, those are the jerseys that come to mind because that's what they were when I was a kid. This is my 136th card of that set.

I had to pay a little more for this 9 time all-star, by a little more, I mean $.02 more. I still got it for a quarter/shipped. This is my 118th card of the 1978 Topps set which is just over 16% completed.

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