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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vintage, Sox and an Auto

I got 5 cards in 2 envelopes, or at least 5 cards that I'm keeping. Technically, I got 6 because I thought I ordered a Topps Tiffany from 1991 but it wasn't. He either sent the wrong card or just doesn't know the difference between a Tiffany and a regular base card. Either way, it was only $.06 so I'm not overly concerned on how that plays out.

I picked up this 1977 Topps for $.16/shipped. It was my 94th card from that set which puts that at 14% completed.

Yikes! I don't know what to make of that card. This 1978 card was $.16/shipped and is my 135th card from this set which puts it at just over 18.5% completed.

Last but not least for the Vintage Collection. I picked up this 1980 Topps for $.25/shipped. It was my 138th card which puts that set at 19% completed.

Those 3 vintage cards make 110 cards picked up for the Vintage collection this year.

I got this card from the same seller as the 3 vintage cards. I picked up this Carlos Rodon rookie for $.17/shipped. I still need quite a bit of the 2016 Topps Heritage team set so I won't bother telling you how many I need

I also picked up another White Sox autograph for $.99/shipped. I've never heard of the guy, not that that says much because I don't really follow prospects.

These 2 White Sox Collection cards make 66 cards picked up this year for that collection.

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