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Thursday, April 13, 2017

UPS Delivery

I got one envelope with 2 cards today but it wasn't from the post office. It was send via UPS in a padded "card" envelope. That couldn't have been cheap but it was probably nice for the UPS driver that I had a couple of other packages being delivered so he didn't have to run up to my door just for a small envelope. Then again, the other 2 packages I got were rather large and a little heavy so he had to make the trip twice so maybe not so good for him. I assume it's some kind of regulation that they park in the street because it would be a much shorter distance if he pulled in the driveway.

Both of today's cards are player collections. Both are former White Sox players. Only one of them was traded, the other retired.

This is my 116th card of Chris Sale, nothing to flashy since it has no logos but it is the iconic Diamond Kings. I picked up this card for $.25/shipped. This is my 5th card of Sale picked up this year.

Then we have this flashy shiny card with logos. I picked up this Blue Opening Day of Paul Konerko for only $.17/shipped. It is serial numbered to /2013. It is my 412 different Konerko and my 3rd one picked up this year.

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