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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Couple of days of cards

I know it's Sunday but I need to post the last couple of days of mail calls. I didn't post them on the days that I got them because Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes dropped a box full of cards on me and I've been getting them sorted and cataloged. All in all, it's 187 new cards to my collections so you can see why it took a couple of days. It'll take even longer to get them scanned so you won't see those for some time but let's get to the last 2 days.

On Friday, I got one envelope with 4 cards that all go to the Vintage Collection.

These 4 vintage cards, oddly enough, cost more the newer they were. The 1974 was $.15/shipped, the 1976 for $.20/shipped and the 2 1978 cards for $.23/each/shipped. The 1974 is my 157th card of that set. The 1976 is also my 157th card of that set. The 2 1978's put that set at 136 cards.

Yesterday, I got 2 envelopes with 3 cards. All White Sox collection cards but also 2 other collections represented.

These 2 cards were as cheap as they come. I paid 1 penny each, shipped. That's right, $.02/shipped for the above cards. They are only my 2nd and 3rd card for that team set and my 134th for that base set.

In the other envelope was this 2017 Donruss of Chris Sale. At least he was still in his White Sox jersey on this one. Not that there are any logos to prove it. This is my 124th card of Sale and my first of that team set.

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