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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Old and the new

I was going to do a random post today but I got sidetracked yesterday on adding more scans to my PC blog and forgot to post the cards that came in the mail. So instead, you'll get those today. 2 cards from 2 envelopes although one is from a seller that you've seen a lot of recently.

One seller has been listing a bunch of 1980 Topps as you've seen from the previous posts. I only won 1 of them this time but it's a good one as far as players go. I picked up this one for $.17/shipped and is my 201st card of the Vintage Collection this year. It's also my 147th card from that set.

I also finally won my first Jake Rudock. For those that don't know he was the Michigan QB last year. I keep hearing how he impressed the Lions but then they dropped him to the practice squad then later brought him back up. He is expected to be the backup to Stafford this year. I picked up this refractor for $.18/shipped.

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