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Friday, August 29, 2014

Vintage collection

How about we do another quick post of cards from the Vintage collection.  I picked up all these on Ebay for cheap.

I got the first 3 from the same seller but 3 different purchases.

Dave Nelson

1970 Topps Dave Nelson ($.31)

Nate Colbert [Good to VG‑EX]

1970 Topps Nate Colbert ($.40)

Ivan Murrell [Good to VG‑EX]

1970 Topps Ivan Murrell ($.49)

I picked up the next 2 in a lot.

Pete RichertDave Stenhouse [Good to VG‑EX]

1965 Topps Pete Richert and Dave Stenhouse ($.70)

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  1. That Reds vest with the MLB logo above the numbers is a classic uni.