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Monday, November 7, 2011

AL Central trade

No.  Nobody got traded in MLB yet.  Baseball Dad over at “All Tribe Baseball” had won one of the limited edition sets from the Diamond giveaway site but only wanted the Indians cards for his collection and offered off all the other teams for anybody wanting to trade or purchase.  I sent him off all of my Indians and he sent these in return.


I just showed some players and cards I like since we’ve all seen this set before.  They are exactly the same as the 2011 set with only a few notable differences.


You can see up above the banner it says “Factory Set Limited Edition” and


that logo at the top left of the cards. 

The bad part of getting this set is it’s no longer a team set, since player collections come first.  So I need the Paul Konerko from this set again.  I have a feeling that one will be a little tough to come by in a single.

He also sent me a pack of Donruss Estrellas, nothing exciting as far as the base cards go.


And this insert.


Nice card, nice player, not part of my collection though.  Apparently according to a couple of other bloggers who made the trade, these packs come with a poster.  Do you want to know what mine was?  Yeah, well, me too.  I didn’t realize there was a poster and must have thrown it away when I opened it.  Oops!  I know I’ve heard of this set before but I don’t think I’ve actually opened a pack of it, so thanks for that.  And thanks for breaking up your set for us.  I appreciated the cards and I hope I gave you enough to make you happy.  Thanks again for the trade, be sure to check out “All Tribe Baseball

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  1. Glad you liked the cards, Sorry about the poster ! They are folded twice, to about the size of a card. They look like a small checklist.Unfolded the poster has a complete checklist on the back.Or the checklist has a poster on the back,depending on how you look at it !

    I'll be making a large post when I receive all the trades back.Any Tribe cards make me happy !

    Thanks for the little perk at the end !