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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cheap ebay–Wolverine style

Since Michigan had an impressive win against Nebraska, and I was at the game.  I’ll do a cheap ebay purchase, Wolverine style.


Picked up all 4 of these for an average less that $2 shipped.  Took advantage of multiple shipping costs by buying them all from 1 buyer.  Both the Mike Hart’s will go in my player collection of his, the other 2 in my Michigan collection.  Also picked up a few cards for a fellow Wolverine collector whenever I decide to ship him another package.

Michigan looked good, not great, but good.  And Nebraska made a lot of mistakes.  But Michigan took advantage of those mistakes and that’s what good teams do.  This big win definitely helped in my confidence going into the final game of the season against that team from Ohio.  The game is this Saturday at noon.  Right now, my plan is to watch the game, probably with my family.  Then we’ll all hop in our cars and head to Indianapolis to watch my alma mater (high school) play for state finals.  That game is at 7 and it takes around 4 hours to get there.  So those plans may change, but I don’t plan on missing either, but we’ll see.

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  1. Since the Huskies are stinking lately, I'm glad to have the Wolverines doing so well. I'm jealous and hope to make it to Ann Arbor someday. Good luck to UM and to your alma mater.