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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diamond Giveaway

Ordered a bunch of my cards from the Diamond Giveaway site a few weeks ago and they arrived last week.  I mainly ordered them because all the cards I was keeping were Sox cards and I got tired of denying all the trade requests.


First the player collection cards.  Of course, after I ordered these, the Dravecky’s came in trades.  Oh well.


I mainly got these because they were vintage Sox, but I selected Bill Melton because he does the pre and post game before Sox games so I actually knew who he was.


Lots more vintage.  I basically tried to flip whatever vintage I pulled for the same year except a Sox card.  I also got quite a few 90’s and 2000’s cards but figured you all didn’t need to see all those.  Vintage is always better.


These cards are pretty awesome.  I peeled the plastic off them because I’m keeping them for myself anyways, I want them to look their best.  I’ve read where a lot of you said they look even better in person and you all were right.  I really like these cards.  I was trying to get the other players, Rios, Sale and Quentin (how Konerko didn’t get a card is beyond me) but nobody would flip them for me and out of all the cards I pulled on the site, I only got 1 of these Diamond cut cards so nobody would flip me regular base cards for those.  Justin from “Justin’s World” and I were working on a trade and mentioned he had the Chris Sale card, so he took whatever cards I had left, which I think was 9 and sent me the Sale card.  I’ll scan it and show it when I get it shipped.  I appreciated that Justin.  I appreciate all my fellow trading partners.  My team and player collections have really taken off because of all of you.


  1. The Bill Melton cards are interesting. He wears the batting glove on the bottom hand, but not on the top. I remember doing it like that as a kid, too. Times have sure changed!

  2. I never wore batting gloves, then again, I never could hit either. Maybe that was my problem.