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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trade with Baseball Dad

I had just completed a trade with Baseball Dad from “All Tribe Baseball” a few weeks ago but I had posted a Ted Williams (I think) card that he had wanted so out sprang another trade.  I didn’t have too much else to send him since we had just completed trades but he still sent me a bunch of Sox for my collection.


I didn’t have any of the Donruss Estrelles even though he had sent me a pack with our previous trade.  I really like the Aparicio insert.  And the Quentin update card was the only card I knew that was coming.  I had no updates at this point but have gotten a few from my fellow bloggers.


He also sent me this sparkly of Konerko.  I love these sparkly’s, I could collect the whole set of them, I like them that much.  But I haven’t decided to collect any sets yet.

When Jack sent me the pack of Estrelles, they come with a paper checklist, of which I always threw out.  If the checklist is a card, I keep it, paper, I throw it away.  He also sent some packs to others and I saw that the paper checklists unfolded to a mini-poster.  Crap!  I bet I had a great poster.  Well, Jack took pity on me, because I’m a moron.  And sent me a checklist, along with this note.


Jack must know me pretty well to include the note, here’s what he sent.


An Ichiro Suzuki.  Sweet!  The only thing I don’t like about Mr. Suzuki is the fact that they only put his first name on all his cards.  It annoys me, I don’t why, it just does.  But I do like the player all the same.  Thanks for taking pity on me Jack.  And thanks for the trade.

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