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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Group Break loot

Sam over at “The Daily Dimwit” had a group break with 2011 Topps Chrome.  I selected the White Sox (shocker!) and was given the Tigers (Damn!) as well.  Here are my Tigers, all are available for trade.


I didn’t realize I had refractors and base when I scanned these.  I have both of the top 3 so if your looking for the base or the refractor of either one, let me know.  The Victor Martinez Heritage is numbered 100/562.  Now for the Sox, nobody cares about the Tigers anyways.


I even had duplicates of the Konerko, 1 for the player collection, one for the team collection.  I really like these cards in chrome.


Both are numbered so I assume that makes them refractors.  Morel is numbered to /1962 and Dunn is numbered to /562.

And yes, the reason we all get in group breaks, I got a hit.


I really like this card.  Chris Sale has been great in the bullpen and it’s rumored that he will be in the starting rotation in 2012.  Which as much as I hate not seeing him in the bullpen, I’m looking forward to watching him every 5th game.  Thanks Sam, for the great group break.


  1. Nice pickups! Any chance I can get the Verlander Refractor in our upcoming trade.

  2. Nice loot. The refractors are the ones #'d 562, the regular chromes are the 1962 ones. There is also a black refractor #'d to 62. I have yet to acquire even one of those.

    BTW, consider yourself lucky to have gotten at least a tradable random team. I usually get stuck with the Diamondbacks or Pirates as a second team and nobody wants them.

  3. If you would please set aside the Cabrera refractor and the Austin Jacksons (all) and the Victor Martinez - that would be great. I'll work on finding some new things for you. Thanks!