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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cheap ebay purchases

I seem to spend a week or so buying cheap cards on ebay, then I’ll go a few weeks without even looking, then the cycle repeats.  I decided to throw up all of them in this post instead of breaking them into multiple posts.


The Tom Seaver card I actually purchased in a lot of New York Mets cards.  Most of them were 1987 Topps.  I didn’t need any of the other cards so I put a max bid of what I was willing to pay just for the 1 card and hoped to get lucky.  The Billy Williams I ran into while looking for some 1973’s for the set collection.  I have been looking to grab some vintage Williams for my player collection but it’s been tough grabbing them at a cheap price.  I decided to splurge a bit since it was my birth year.

  • Tom Seaver – 1984 Topps ($.11/shipped)
  • Billy Williams – 1973 Topps ($.99/shipped)

The next lot I also found looking for more ‘73.  They fit the bill but the majority went to my White Sox Collection instead.  The 5 below along with 2 that I already had all came in a lot.  The other 2 will be featured in my 1973 posts.


  • 7 card lot ($2.34/shipped) = $.11/card

4 of these cards were purchased singles.  The 1973 Topps batting leaders came as part of a 4 card lot (all ‘73s) that I purchased for the set collection.  The Konerko is numbered and I have no idea what the mini Tom Seaver is.  It says 2010 but that’s the first I ever seen them.  I’ll get around to googling it at some point.  Love the 1982 Topps, they bring up so many memories of collecting as a kid, especially being a Tom Seaver because I collected him back then as well.


  • Mike Hart – 2008 Press Pass ($.49/shipped)
  • Billy Williams – 1973 Topps batting leaders ($.50) 4 card lot ($2/shipped)
  • Paul Konerko – 2007 UD Sweet Spot /850 ($.50/shipped)
  • Tom Seaver – 2010 Topps mini ($.43/shipped)
  • Tom Seaver – 1982 Topps ($.50/shipped)

Grand total for that weeks purchases. $4.07 ($.34/card)

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  1. I recently started work on the 73 myself and have ended up buying cheap lots like these. I've ended up with some doubles (and some triples even), so I should have some available for trade really soon. I'm just waiting on a few more lots to come in then I'll have my final tally but I'll definitely have something.