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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Random with Christmas

My plan for Christmas Eve day, is to blog and working on my blog.  Exciting holiday stuff huh?  I want to get some more 1981, 1973 and Today’s 9 posts ready to post for those days I have nothing, which seems to be a lot these days.  I’ve been working on getting my want lists for 1981 and 1973 Topps the last few days since I got a couple of lots off of E-bay.  Those are done and posted under My Collections page on the right side tab or clicking the previous link.  It’s pretty full since I just started this, but since the running tab at the bottom of the 1981 and 1973 posts is only accurate to those that I’ve posted, I figured I needed to get a want list up.  I’m not going all gang busters on these sets so don’t think you have to send me everything you have, but I’m certainly willing to trade for some.  But as stated before in other posts, I don’t have much left.

I also plan on updating my trade page, which is so far behind that it’s pathetic.  I have a couple of trades I’ve received in the last week or so that I need to get scanned and posted as well.  And as I’ve also stated how horrible I am at keeping records, someone sent me great trade.  I set it aside to be scanned the next day, and then here I am a week later, I haven’t scanned it and I forgot who sent it.  So whoever sent me a bunch of Frank Thomas’ and some oddball Sox including Baines and Seaver and a Conlon card, please give me a shout out so I can praise you in the trade post.  You can e-mail me a jccsst1022 at gmail dot com.  I apologize and hopefully you don’t think it was a bad trade because I forgot who sent it.  It’s a testament to my bad record keeping, not a bad trade.  But the good news is, it finally kicked my ass to start keeping records instead of just piling things up and I spent an evening putting everything into a spreadsheet that I haven’t posted about yet.  I even mark them scanned or not.  So good news did come out of it.

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I do want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays while I have you here. Or at least the ones still left reading this. Or should I say Merry Christmas. I had to explain to my 9 year old daughter yesterday why they have “Holiday” parties and not “Christmas” parties at school.  I won’t get started on that.  I’ll probaby have stuff posted the next couple of days, but it will be stuff already typed out so I wanted to say it here.


Hope you all have a great weekend.  And since I brought up Michigan with the above pics.  Here’s a toon to leave you with.


***UPDATE - Now that I was going to go work on some blog posts, my first 1973 post has somehow disappeared off my blog, so I now have to figure out what all I had posted on the first one because I liked how it was set up.  DAMN IT!!!!   Now I'm so not in the mood to blog!

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