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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Bat Around

Just some quick info before I get into the Blog Bat Around.  Had a pretty crappy weekend in Chicago, I won’t go into that here, but I did here if your interested.  But I’m back home and trying to get back into blogging.  I’ve purchased some more set cards and have a few posts ready to go too.  I’ve purchased more 1981 then 1973 for obvious reasons, they are much cheaper.  I did win a few cheap lots on ebay and am waiting to receive those before I get around to doing a want list for either year.  If you want to send what you want for either year, don’t let me stop you.  But if you’d rather wait for the want list and only send what I need, that’s cool.  Either way, don’t expect a return package right away.  I will get you back, but it may take me some time to get some cards to get back to you.

I’m really enjoying getting the posts together for the sets.  It’s a lot more work than I expected so I must give props to those of you who have set blogs.  But anyways, back to the…


The 2011 baseball card collecting season is finally over - other than Bowman Sterling (coming out December 21st). What set or release stands out as your favorite from the year? What set or release brings your lunch back up to your throat?

As I’ve stated here before, I love baseball cards but don’t really get all into the look or photography and definitely don’t get into the backs of the cards.  I just love cards of baseball players.  So with that in mind, this is somewhat a difficult question for me to pick favorites.  But I’ll do what I can.

seaver11lineage170     seaver11lineage200

My favorite base set was Lineage.  As I said above, I love cards of players.  Lineage mixed up the past with the present.  I didn’t collect originally until 1981 so I’ve never pulled much of the HOF’s of the 50’s and 60’s, or 70’s for that matter and this set had a little of all of it.  Even multiple cards of players with different teams, as also seen above.  And I loved, loved, loved the ‘75 mini’s insert/parallel set.


How could you not love a vintage feel with modern players.  I bought a lot of the Lineage packs.  Probably the 2nd most packs that I bought this year behind regular Topps.  But for the record, the 75 mini relics I did NOT like, you shouldn’t mess with vintage in that way.

Honorable mention – Gypsy Queen.  Same deal with Lineage, modern and older players.  But I didn’t really enjoy the look of the set.

My 2nd favorite was Series 1, 2 and update since they all look the same.  But what I loved most about all 3 of those sets were these.

konerko11toppsd93   danks11toppshd121

I really loved the sparkly’s and let face it, I got into the Diamond Giveaway too so I bought the most of these packs for the giveaway codes.

For my least favorites, those are easy.  I never bought any packs of the Heritage Minors, Allen & Ginter’s and Attax.  I’m not a big fan of any of the Bowman’s either, but I don’t mind the Bowman base of the established players.  I don’t like all the minor leaguers and draft picks, which is the reason I didn’t like Heritage Minors.  Allen & Ginter’s, I just hate all the non-sport crap in this set.  I don’t mind the design of the base and I would buy packs if I was guaranteed no non-sport cards.  And Attax, well it’s Attax.  I don’t think I’ve heard anybody who likes that.

I’ve enjoyed my first Blog Bat Around and looking forward to more.  Hopefully all of you have as well.


  1. Your perspective on Lineage is interesting. And I agree- just having nice-looking cards of great players is fun, regardless of the backs. I just wish they had done something more. The thought occurred to me recently that instead of/in addition to the short biography, they could have put a cartoon similar to those found on the backs of vintage Topps cards.

  2. we agree on a few points. i liked lineage and all those sparkly diamond cards as well.
    i thought i was the only guy out that is just not interested in all those prospects and draft picks. *yawn* on that.
    the other part we agree is i almost never look at the backs. maybe cuz my failing eyes cant read those teeny tiny numbers? LOL
    ryan g - i like your idea about throwback cartoons.

  3. I used to ignore card backs completely. That was before I started blogging and reading Night Owl's 1975 Topps Blog. Sometimes the backs are better than the fronts. I'm talking about cards of course.

  4. Sometimes the backs are better than the fronts. Yep. Just when we're talking about cards. Yep. The cards. Juuuust the cards. Love those back sides... of cards. Mmmhmm.

  5. I find myself reading the backs more because of the 1981, 1973 and Today's 9 posts. But I could still do without them. If I had my choice as to what would be on the back, another picture or if not that, I prefer stats and all stats, not just the last few years.