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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Group Break


Spankee from “My Cardboard Mistress” held an awesome group break.  He broke all kinds of boxes and being as my collection is fairly new, most of the cards were new to me as well.


This is just a small selection of the cards.  I think the majority of the Konerko’s were new to that collection as well.


As you can tell, he broke new with the old.  Love the Fisk Kimball and those 3 stickers are the first I have gotten.  I can not find any around here at all.  Although, I tend to only shop at Walmart.  I just don’t go anywhere else that has cards.  I don’t shop at Meijer or Target, and I don’t ever even go to Walmart just for cards, I pick them up while I’m there for something else.  But I was excited when I saw he broke some stickers and was hoping to get some.


And a few horizontal cards.  All Konerko’s for the Konerko collection.  And of course, the reason you get into breaks.  Hits!


I scored a jersey of Konerko.  SWEET!  And with a stripe.

Thanks Spankee for the great group break.  I’m glad you sent me my cards before my Wolverines met your Hokies, otherwise you might be mad at me after the game.


  1. I'm never mad after my Hokies win!

    Glad you are happy with the cards. I'm enjoying seeing them displayed on everyone's blogs.

  2. Great cards and it's always great to have the hit be for your big collection. However, I have to disagree with one point. I always prefer getting into group breaks for the base cards and inserts as well. Sort of like, that is one less full team set I will have to scrounge around for later. And trust me as a team collector it will harder to track down a random common from a 1998 set than just about any jersey or auto. They might be more expensive, but they are still much easier to find.