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Friday, December 9, 2011

Trade with Night Owl

I grabbed a few Dodgers for Trade Bait and Greg from “Night Owl” was the first Dodgers blogger/collector to jump in on a few of them.  We’ve traded a few times, you can check out previous ones of the trade page over to your right.  Although, I am seriously lacking on updating that page.  Add it to the list of stuff I’d like to get done here.  But back to the trade, this was just a small one, I sent him a few, he sent me a small stack.  He’s like that, just a great trader.  Here are the highlights that he sent me.


An alcoholic refractor, although scanned, it almost looks camouflaged.  But I like all the sparkly in this years sets.  A couple of Orange refractors, a couple of A&G, one being a code card.  An update of a previous Sox, guess he needs a new update card now.  And an insert of Chris Sale.  What’s best is this isn’t all Greg sent me and he sent a bunch of Sox I didn’t have.  I, like most of you, like the colored refractors.  I believe these are my first of Topps Chrome.  I have an Orange Gordon Beckham, but I’ve had it awhile so I’m pretty sure it’s not Topps Chrome from this year at least.  As always, an outstanding trade with Greg.  I’d plug his blog (Night Owl) to you all, but let’s face it, I’m willing to bet if you read baseball card blogs, you read his.  It is the best card blog out there.

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  1. Awww, thanks.

    I bet you have zero Dodgers left. But when you get some more, I'll have some more White Sox.