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Friday, December 2, 2011

Trade with Potch


Before I get to the trade post (because I know how much all of you like them) I wanted to give a shout out to Gavin Floyd of the White Sox.  If you haven’t heard, check out the article here.  You don’t see too many good stories about today’s athletes.  And yes, I would have given him a shout out even if he played for another team.  If you don’t read the trade post below, be sure to check out the Pujols cartoon at the bottom.

Potch of “Potch Wheeler and the Cardboard Heroes” saw a couple of cards he wanted, I believe out of some update packs and I sent them his way, in exchange, he sent me these.  Potch must have gone through my want lists because he sent me a bunch of Sox I didn’t have.  I’ll just post the new and the old and spare you all the years in between.  Here’s the new.


Big thanks for the Allen & Ginter’s because I don’t buy any packs of these.  Not exactly my favorite set.  I do like the design, I just don’t like all the other non-baseball cards that come with it so I don’t buy the packs.  I really like the Hometown Heroes inserts as well.  And the Aparicio up there as well.  I’ve been getting a lot of his cards and he was one of my favorite vintage Sox players.


He also sent me these 1977 Topps and an 1984.  I always like the vintage.  I’m waiting to see which vintage team set I finish first.  Between all you bloggers, I’ve been slowly filling them up.  I think 1975 is the closest but I still need quite a few of those too.

Thanks for the trade Potch, as always, it’s great trading with you.  And it’s nice to see your original blog name back as well.

I also ran across this cartoon today and had to post it, it is too funny.  Well, maybe not to you Cub fans.


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