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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trade with Spiegel

Spiegel of “Nomo’s Sushi Platter” had told me he wanted the Conlon Dodgers from the set I had bought.  So off they went, that was probably the most cards I’ve sent to a Dodger collector in awhile.  I don’t have hardly any Dodgers because there is so many of them out there and I’ve traded with a bunch of them.  Here’s what Spiegel sent me in return.


Gotta love the 1966 Romano, you know, just because it’s vintage.  But also all the other cards he sent.  He sent a bunch of inserts that I needed, the above is just a few of them.  The Sergio Santos is a purple refractor.  I already had the base and the chrome refractor and now the purple.  Great card Spiegel.


3 Extra Edition, Gold Floyd, Kimball Dunn and Sale Chrome.  Spiegel has already gone above and beyond our trade and then he puts the Danks blue sparkly (Hope Diamond) numbered 60/60.  Thanks Spiegel, truly a great trade.

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  1. No problem,bro. The blog world is a trader's paradise.