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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What to do? Or did I do it? I’m lost. Well, not really.

Hiflew over at “Cards from the Quarry” posed the question, How do you store your team’s cards?  Great question, and I enjoyed reading all the answers, check the post out here to read the comments.  I think I had decided to change the way I store mine, I can do that since my collection isn’t all that huge yet.  I had thought about doing it by player because there are so many players I really like and would like to see all their cards together, but I don’t want to start player collections of those players.  So this would be the next best thing.  I’m looking forward to seeing all my Aparicio’s on 1 page as well as some other players.

As I started thinking about how I was going to do it, I remembered the way I collected as a kid.  I had the pages alphabetically by last name.  If you know me, I have to have rules.  My rule was a player had to have so many cards before he got his own page.  Of course, I don’t remember that number at this moment.  I’m thinking 3 or 4 cards for the player.  When I was a kid, I had all the other cards at the back of the book.  This time I think I’ll put all the players in accordance with the letter.  All the A last names after the A pages, ect.

I have my plan, I have set my rules, now coming up with the time to take them all out of the pages and back in will be the problem.  Sounds like a weekend project.  Problem is, my weekend is booked.  They posted Saturday and Sunday at work but I already had plans on Sunday so I told the foreman to mark me as a call in.  I never miss work, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I’ve called in once in the last couple of year.  But on Sunday, my wife and I are taking my kids to a huge Lego Train display towards Chicago.  My son (7 yrs. old) loves Lego’s and I can’t wait to see his face.  They know the city we are going to, I haven’t told them what we are going to see.  Anyways, hopefully I’ll find some time to at least get it started this weekend.

I’ve mentioned a few times here that I was thinking about set collecting.  While I know I would enjoy buying packs and trying to collect a set, I simply can’t afford to buy packs all the time.  If I could afford that, I would be buying packs anyways just because I enjoy sorting through a pack to see who I got.  I’ll admit I look forward to getting a hit as well, although it doesn’t happen as often as I would like.  If I had to collect a set this year, I probably would have done Lineage.  I liked the mix of modern and vintage stars, and I liked the inserts.  But what I really love is vintage.  I’ve always said I was going to decide between 1973 (my birth year) or 1981 (1st year I collected).  While I haven’t officially decided to collect either of those years, I did kind of take a small step today.  While at work, I added a saved search for both 1973 Topps and 1981 Topps on my ebay app.  I used the advanced feature and set the parameters at $1.00 or less shipped.  While I haven’t bid on anything yet.  I feel I’m being led to start picking up the cheaper cards here and there, when I can.  I’m pretty much starting from scratch on both sets, the only cards I probably have are in my White Sox collection.  I take that back, technically, I bought my first 1981 Topps today from Kyle at “Juuust a Bit Outside” blog.  He’s selling off some of his unwanted cards 5 for $1 with a $2/minimum.  I browsed his gallery and selected 2 White Sox cards and a Tom Seaver for myself and since I needed 10 cards, I needed to pick 7 others.  So I grabbed a Chad Henne card that I think I might already have, but I may not as he had a couple of cards in the set.  And also a 1981 Mets Future Stars.  Then I picked out 5 cards of other teams that I tend to trade with.  So I guess technically I started collecting sets.

For the record, I’m not asking anybody to send be their 1973’s or 1981’s.  I’m just going to pick at these sets with no real timeframe for completion.  If we make a trade and you want to throw a few in, great, I’m certainly not going to complain.  But I don’t have a lot to trade with right now so I don’t want everybody to send me theirs because then I’m going to have to buy cards to send back.  And with Christmas approaching, I am flat ass broke and can’t afford to really buy much of anything.  As an example, Monday night I went to my LCS while I waited for my daughter to finish with Girl Scouts.  And I didn’t buy anything, nothing, nada.  Of course, nothing really hopped out at me either so it wasn’t really to hard so I guess I can’t pat myself on the back too much.

For the record, I have decided to blame “Night Owl” for this endeavor.  Since he finished his 1975 Topps blog and isn’t starting his 1985 or his 1971 blog’s until after the new year, I had to find other sets to get fixated on.  Thanks Greg, thanks a lot.  Your lucky I haven’t given my wife my new password, she’d probably go into my word file with all my trade partners addresses and send you a mean note.  And forbid me to play with you anymore and then where are you going to send all those Sox cards, huh, did you think of that?

Sorry, got a little off track there.  So to paraphrase.  I’m collecting 1973 and 1981 Topps, but not really.  Don’t send me any 1973 or 1981 Topps, unless you want too.

mlb-santos001     mlb-buehrle004

Bye guys!  Thanks for the memories.  Next years going to be a rough one.

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