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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photo Cleansing #12

Before the Photo Cleansing commences.  Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Although I haven’t been around a lot lately, I am definitely thankful to all of you.  For the trades, the chance to read your blogs, and just for bringing my love cards back to me.  I have a lot to post in the next week or so, been getting a lot of trades in, plus free cards and contests winnings, some ebay purchases and some group breaks.  Eventually I’ll get everything scanned and caught up.

Let’s start this off with an advertisement.  If you’re a fan of an AL Central team, I have the DVD set collection for you, check them out.


But seriously, on to the pics.  We are going right to the vintage pics today.


George Brett, upon retiring if I remember correctly.


When I saved this pic, I knew who they were, of course now, I can’t come up with the names.  But talk about a great pic.


Normally I wouldn’t post Rickey in a Yankees uniform, but I couldn’t help posting this ad when I read the top. 

Not vintage enough for you, how about these.


Roberto Clemente sliding in safely.


Jackie Robinson trying to steal home.


And how about Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin.

I just don’t follow the NFL closely enough to find a bunch of pics of those, when I do, it’s Colts pics and lets face it, we don’t really want to discuss them this year do we?  But we can discuss the Maize and Blue as they go into the Ohio game.  Yes I know there is supposed to be State after that, but I’m taking Brady Hoke’s stand in never calling them that.  And I hate when former cheaters, err, I mean students say they went to “THE” you know, university.  Arrogant bastards,  Sorry!  Anyways, here’s some pics.


The Hemingway touchdown, that they ruled wasn’t a touchdown, but it was.


Denard gets in an open field, there is no catching up to him.


And our featured RB, who has been awesome as of late.


And next week’s cover will be sort of like this one, just newer.

And now let’s talk about that popular sport that once was.  The NBA, I just have 2 words.  WHO CARES!!!   Yep, that’s about it.  But I do have respect for the past NBA, back when it was good, which is where this final pic came from.


So like the NBA, I’m done.  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.


  1. I want to add that DVD box set to my Christmas list. I need some play at the plate cards of those shots, especially that first one. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That is an awesome photo of Jackie Robinson. Old school baseball photos look amazing. Wish I was there.

  3. Whitey, Mickey and Billy. How many of them were drunk when that picture was taken. I did a poll recently and 15 out of 17 readers said they didn't miss the NBA at all.

  4. catcher on his head is Greg Olson and the other player is Dan Gladden. Twins vs Braves, '91 World Series

  5. yup - that's a great shot of jackie. looks like he's out, but homeboy's gotta avoid those spikes to make the tag.
    awesome pic of clemente as well. true grit.