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Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Rack Pack

Bought a rack pack today, sort of.  Went out for supper with my mom and stepdad and had to pick up a few things at Kmart so we went over together.  And for old times sake, I threw a rack pack in her cart like I used to when I was a kid.  She went to the bathroom while my stepdad paid so I didn’t get to see her face when they rang it up.  I just had to watch my stepdad shake his head as I explained it.  So I didn’t get all the fun, but I still got free cards.  And I actually got some White Sox cards, granted, I had both of them.  But usually I can’t even pull them.  Here is the “special” cards.


The 2 Sox cards I had, but they are Sox, so they are still special.  The Jackie Robinson is an original back 60 Years of Topps.  Of course, I get a few Dodgers after I sent out packages to multiple Dodger fans.  If I’m working on a trade with you, my cards were mailed today.  Oh yeah, the code card.


A Darrell Evans 1975 card.  And I think it’s my 4th or 5th Braves card on the Diamond Giveaway site.  All vintage too I believe.  I had a bunch of my cards shipped to me (look for that post soon) but I’m still trying to flip the cards I still have to White Sox or player collection cards.

I did some scanning so I will have some more posts this week.  I’ve got a bunch of cards in the mail.  Trades, ebay pickups, free cards and the afore mentioned Diamond Giveaway cards I had shipped.  I probably won’t post tomorrow or Sunday.  Sunday I have to pick my daughter up at the airport.

And, oh yeah, Saturday, I’m heading up to Ann Arbor for the Michigan/Nebraska game.  Really looking forward to the game.  Although I’m not really confident going in because they haven’t looked all that great the last couple of games.  I was hoping to come out and blow Illinois out of the water, just to ease my confidence level going into the Nebraska, then the Ohio game.  And they did, for 2 drives, then fell asleep the rest of the way.  Which in turn, leads to my lack of confidence.  One thing I find really odd is, I’m actually confident of the defense.  They have impressed the hell out of me.  I don’t expect them to pitch a shutout or anything but they’ve definitely done their job.  The offense, which I should have confidence in, is seriously inconsistent.  If the “good” offense shows up, watch out.  If the “bad” offense, watch out, or rather, don’t watch.  What’s really frustrating is the offense switches back and forth all game.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to the game, always do when I go to The Big House.  The atmosphere alone makes the 2+ hour drive worthwhile.  So until next time, GO BLUE!!!


Nice TD grab, even if the refs said it wasn’t.


  1. Hold that Bell for me, and I'll email you a trade offer post-haste.

  2. Heath Bell is stoked that you got free cards!

  3. Heath Bell must have been really stoked, I'm pretty sure I got his base card too.