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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ebay and LCS Pick Ups

I decided to pick up a couple vintage cards with last quarters Ebay bucks instead of getting a bunch of cheap cards.


I picked up this 1972 Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars card to add to my Tom Seaver collection.  I always like getting a good vintage card for my player collections.


I also picked up this 1975 SSPC card.  My Ebay bucks are never a huge amount.  I don’t know if it’s ever been over $5 but I’m not going to let it go to waste either.

I was happy with these 2 purchases for the Tom Seaver collection.


I picked this up at my LCS, I was excited because I have a bunch of 1960 Topps so I was thinking I was closing in on the set.  That would be awesome.  I looked, I have 20 cards, 21 including this one.  Then I looked at how many I still needed, 19 cards.  Damn, not as close as I thought.

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