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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vacation pick-up, the prequel

I don’t remember if I mentioned it on this blog or not, but a couple of weekends ago I was in Bristol, VA to visit the inlaws.  Since I wasn’t home, where there are no card shops, I decided to Google if there were any there and I found one.  So on Friday, I hit that shop and spent about an hour in there and picked up a few things.  I got a box of pages for my stepdad who showed me his cards recently and he had the old pages that stick together so I told him he needed to replace those.  I went through a box of relics that were 4/$10 and I found 4 of those.  Then as I was walking around the store, I ran across these


That’s 5 1987 Topps rack packs and 1 1987 Donruss.  They were 6/$5 and I decided what the hell and picked these up for the vintage collection.  I didn’t get anything awe inspiring, they are 1987 after all, but it was a big boost to the 1987 Topps set.  Then as I was checking out, he had a small box of 1954 Bowman at the register.  I thumbed through those and found a White Sox card and grabbed it.  You’ll see that later.

Then on Saturday, I drove down to see my cousin (Sluggo) who lives in the Asheville, North Carolina area who, as you know, I have traded with so he’s a collector as well.  Although he has a relatively small collection for himself but he buys and sells at card shows which they have in his area every other weekend.  The weekend I went down was the off weekend from the card show but he was going to take me a few places.

First we headed off to South Carolina to a flea market where a friend of his sells.  We spent a couple of hours there and I got some great stuff.  He had boxes and boxes of stuff.  First I went through a rookie box at 5/$1 and found a few cards.  Then I went through relics & auto’s box and pulled multiple Paul Konerko autographs.  I knew I probably didn’t want to spend all my money on those but I set them aside just in case.  Then I asked him about vintage.  He had 5 boxes of vintage and I mean 1950’s and 1960’s vintage.  I went through those and ended up with a huge stack of cards.  First, I put back the Konerko auto’s.  Then I pulled out my phone and pulled up my want lists (got to love the Google Drive app) and started going through them.  I had so many cards that I was really hoping I had a lot of them already.  After getting through all of them, I still had a pretty good stack but I said screw it and bought the rest of them.

After there, we headed home but took an alternate route to go through Hendersonville and stop at a card shop out in the middle of nowhere.  A funny old man owned it and we spent a couple of hours there.  I mainly browsed his 5/$1 books.  I picked up a pretty healthy stack there, it was mainly 1990’s to newer stuff.  Then I went to get my phone out to check my want lists, and no reception.  I think he planned it that way just so I’d have to buy them all.  Well, it worked because I did.  I also picked up 3 relic cards at $2/each.

Then we headed back to his house and he had a few cards for me as well.  It was really a great day, I really enjoyed hanging out with people and talking about cards all day.  I wish there were decent shops around here that I could do that or at least a show once in awhile.  All in all, I spent a little over $100, which for me, is a lot.

Now your asking why I didn’t show any of these single card purchases.  Because I plan on showing them in the coming week so you’ll have to wait.  I’ll go ahead and post this today, even though I already posted once (I like to keep it to once a day) so I can start showing all the great stuff starting tomorrow.  Make sure you come back.

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  1. Sounds like a nice score to me. Looking forward to seeing them.