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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Package from Blue Batting Helmet

As per his usual, Rob of “Blue Batting Helmet” tends to just send me packages out of the blue of White Sox cards he picks up here or there.  This is the latest of his surprise packages.


He sent me some 1980’s.  The 1986 Topps is a Traded because I have already completed that team set.


Some early 90’s.  Pretend your in another country and look at the cards right to left.  I always forget which way my scanner comes up.  They are in piles of the year.


Some late 90’s.  Not sure why I put Ozzie Guillen on top and buried a Frank Thomas.  Fail on my part there.


Even a couple from the 2000’s.  Rob always send me a good random selection of cards to help out with my White Sox Collection.


He even managed to hit a new card for the Paul Konerko collection with the Metal Universe card.

He did such a great job with variety that some more of his cards will be featured in 2 more posts.  One tomorrow, and one in the near future.

Thanks again Rob, be sure to check him out over at “Blue Batting Helmet”.  He is a Chicago Cubs fan, but I forgive him for that.


  1. Thanks for the write-up, Jeff. I have a few of the new 2013 Topps cards, including Konero and AJ in the base set. AJ is still in a Sox uni, and it's actually a cool-looking card with the scoreboard at the Cell, in all of its corporate logoed glory. I'll try to send those along sometime this week. All the best.