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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Package from Blue Batting Helmet, part deux

You saw the post from yesterday of the cards Rob from “Blue Batting Helmet” sent me for my White Sox Collection.  Today you’ll see the additions to the Vintage Collection.  They are all Chicago White Sox  cards but I already had them.  Luckily they still went into this collection.


First we start off with the babies of the vintage collection, everybody’s favorite wood panel cards, 1987 Topps.  You might even recognize both players, Ozzie Guillen and Carlton Fisk.


A 1985 Topps Julio Cruz.


A 1983 Topps Tom Paciorek.  I seem to notice a pattern here, 1987, 1985, 1983.  Apparently Rob collects all even years because he isn’t giving them up.


There we go, an even year, and a true vintage card at that.  A 1978 Topps Bob Lemon.

As I stated yesterday, Rob always give a good selection of cards.  Thanks again Rob.

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