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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ebay–Paul Konerko Collection

I actually decided to change up a little bit from the previous years.  I used to buy packs after packs and try to collect the team sets.  Last year, I vowed not to buy any more packs but I got in on some box breaks and I would get most of the team set and get the rest in trades, well, more in the generosity of others because I don’t really trade much anymore.  This year, I decided just to get them from Brent and Becca who I follow on twitter and break cases of cards and put them up on Ebay.  They have team sets of just the base cards, then they also have what they call Master Team sets which include all the inserts as well.  It doesn’t include relics, autos, SP or manupatches because they sell those off separately.  That is what I did and this was even a cheaper option then the box breaks.  I still have to go and pick up the other cards, but I complete teams sets easier and cheaper.


I picked up the 2013 Topps set (series 1) but since I complete my player collections first, you won’t see it until I pick up another Paul Konerko.  All 3 of the above all came in that set but they go to the Paul Konerko Collection

I think I may do this with all my team sets this year.  Right now, I’m waiting to pick up the other cards when prices go down.  I’m not so hardcore that I have to complete them this instant.  Give them about a month and they will be about half the price that they are now.  I’ll start picking up some of the parallels then as well.

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