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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Royals and Random

Both of these awesome cards landed in my lap awhile back.  Josh over at “Royals and Randoms” sent these over.


I scanned them backwards because I’m going to talk about the 1970 Topps first.  I had actually purchased this card and posted about it in January.  Josh had posted the comment that he had just picked one up out of a quarter box but apparently I didn’t need it anymore.  I emailed back and said if he just needed to get rid of it, I still needed one for my White Sox collection.  Josh, being the awesome person that he is, sent it to me.  For the record, I need another one for my Vintage collection, just saying.

But on top of that he sent me the 2008 Donruss Threads card.  It looked familiar so I was thinking I already had one, but that was cool because it could still go in the White Sox Collection.  But then I flipped it over and saw this


Holy crap!  That’s not the same as the one I got.  Numbered out of 25.  I couldn’t find what parallel it is but who cares.  It’s a sweet card.

Thanks Josh, check him out over at “Royals and Randoms”.  He’s been a great trader with me, he was a big help on my 1981 Topps set if you followed all those posts.  Now I just have to figure out something else to send him.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad they both made it safely and you enjoyed them.
    Take care,
    -Josh D.