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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #43


Yesterday we checked out the cards from 1987, today, we move back one more year and see 1986.


1986 Donruss (rated rookies) – Ty Gainey, Cory Snyder, Kal Daniels, Dave Shipanoff and Johnny Abrego

As you can tell, lots more lots.  I grabbed these 5 cards for $.36 which certainly isn’t bad for 5 Rated Rookie cards.  A couple of recognizable names up there.


1986 Donruss (rated rookies) – Lance McCullers, Marty Clary, Mark McLemore, Todd Worrell and Rick Surhoff

5 more Rated Rookies for a quarter.  I’m not sure about everybody else but I know Worrell had a decent career.


1986 Donruss – Cecil Fielder, Lenny Dykstra, Joe Orsulak, Chris Brown and Floyd Youmans

Another rookie lot even though it’s not listed as Rated Rookies.  Definitely some names up in this lot, Cecil Fielder (Prince’s dad for you younger folk) and Lenny Dykstra.  I got this lot for a quarter as well.


1986 Donruss – Jim Beattie, Bill Russell, Jeff Russell and Mike Heath

I know it’s not 5 cards, but to be honest, it wasn’t a lot either.  I picked up all these singles from one seller as well as 2 other 1986 Donruss card that I grabbed for my White sox team set.  I paid $.11 for the Beattie and Heath, $.15 for the Russell (Jeff) and $.16 for the Russell (Bill).


1986 Fleer – Stewart Cliburn, Rick Aguilera, Todd Worrell, Mitch Webster and Tim Burke

More rookies, only this time Fleer.  You see another Todd Worrell.  I remember Mitch Webster being a hot rookie at the time and I know Rick Aguilera had himself a pretty good career.  I picked this lot up at a quarter as well.


1986 Fleer – Tim Birtsas, Lance McCullers, Herm Winningham, Don Carman and Steve Ontiveros

Lots and lots of rookies, or should I say lots of lots.  Nobody overly huge up there but any followers of Too Many Manninghams should know who Steve Ontiveros is since Dennis has been educating us on former Maize and Blue players.  I dropped another quarter on this lot.


1986 Fleer – Milt Thompson, Teddy Higuera, Darren Daulton, Jose Guzman and Steve Buechele

Are you tired of seeing 1986 rookies yet?  I’m not tired of seeing more Fleer.  Since I’ve started purchasing more vintage cards and have been buying 1980’s cards again, I’m appreciating the Fleer sets more.  It might be more memories than everything.  This was another quarter lot.


1986 Fleer – Joe Orsulak, Pat Clements and Dwayne Henry

What?  Only 3?  I actually had the other 2 cards, they probably came in one of the lots above.  Even at a quarter, it still definitely worth it.


1986 Topps – Kirk Gibson, Jim Rice, Bret Saberhagen, Orel Hershiser and Eric Davis

This was billed as a stars lot.  While Saberhagen, Hershiser and Davis were stars in their own right, I’m not so sure they were in 1986.  But I needed them and the price was right at a quarter again.


1986 Topps – Steve Buechele, John Russell, Joe Orsulak, Kirk McCaskill and Milt Thompson

Another rookie lot for a quarter.  Most of the players were featured above in either Donruss or Fleer lots.  Also, another quarter.


Here’s the rundown on how much I’ve paid and to which collection so far in the Cheaper Than Stamps series.

Player Collections

Barry Larkin (7) $.82 – $.12/card
Bill Melton (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Cal Ripken jr (26) $5.12 – $.20/card
Carl Yastrzemski (8) $3.07 – $.38/card
Carlton Fisk (2) $.66 – $.33/card
Chris Getz (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Gary Carter (12) $2.07 – $.17/card
Hoyt Wilhelm (4) $1.25 – $.31/card
Jim Abbott (8) $2.33 – $.29/card
Johnny Bench (8) $2.05 – $.26/card
Mark Buehrle (2) $.45 – $.23/card
Michael Jordan (13) $1.91 – $.25/card
Mike Schmidt (7) $1.97 – $.28/card
Paul Konerko (3) $.70 – $.23/card
Ryan Zimmerman (10) $2.65 – $.27/card
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1) $.15 – $.15/card
Steve Carlton (4) $1.14 – $.29/card
Tom Seaver (6) $1.44 – $.24/card

Vintage Collections

1980's (257) $38.53 – $.15/card
1970's (19) $4.63 – $.24/card
1960's (7) $1.98 – $.28/card

Team Collections

White Sox (1) $.15 – $.15/card

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