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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dennis week–Monday

Anyone who has traded with Dennis of Too Many Verlanders, knows how great of a trader he is.  I’ve traded with him before and I feel like I still owe him but he always says it’s cool.  He knows now that I’m not really buying hardly anything with some of my financial issues and he stills sends me cards.  He picked himself up a bunch of Michigan cards and sent me a bunch of those but he also added some other stuff for this blog as well.  So we are going to take a break from the Cheaper Than Stamps for a week and catch you up on what he sent me.  Let’s start with a couple of player collections that we share.


Jim Abbott – 1990 Fleer & 1990 Score

Technically, these 2 cards could go on Too Many Manninghams because Abbott is a former Michigan Wolverine.  That would be one of the reason that Dennis and I share this collection but I decided to stick them over here since he’s in his Angels uniform. 

While I like Jim Abbott because he’s a Wolverine, I was always fascinated with his story because of what he’s accomplished with only one hand.  My father had his arm amputated because of cancer and he loved to bowl and taught himself to bowl left handed and while my father never made the pros, it was a pretty special accomplishment to continue doing what he loved which is what Jim Abbott did, he didn’t let it stop him from doing what he loved.

Come back tomorrow for another Wolverine that Dennis and I both collect and follow along all week to see everything he sent with me including the grand finale on Too Many Manninghams, hopefully on Friday.

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