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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dennis week–Thursday

Dennis week – Monday (Jim Abbotts), Tuesday (Barry Larkins), WednesdayVintage collection, Thursday – White Sox collection, Friday – (Grand Finale on TMM of Michigan cards)

Today is the last day of Dennis week here at My Sports Obsession but don’t worry, we have one more day that you’ll have to check out tomorrow night at Too Many Manninghams.  Consider this a crossover event.  But first, let’s check out today’s goodies.


Magglio Ordonez – 2005 Upper Deck, 2009 Upper Deck.  Aaron Rowand – 2005 Topps

Doesn’t surprise me to get a couple of Magglio from Dennis.  Since he bailed on the White Sox to the Tigers.  After these 3 cards, I still need 12 cards of the 2005 Upper Deck team set, technically 14 because I’ll need 2 Joe Credes and 2 Mark Buehrles to cover the player collections first.  I still need 14 (19) for the 2009 Upper Deck team set and 12 (16) of the 2005 Topps set.


Magglio Ordonez – 2001 Donruss, 1999 Fleer and 1999 Topps

More earlier Magglios.  I didn’t have much of the 2001 Donruss or 1999 Fleer growing up, but I had a crap load of 1999 Topps.  I need 9 (11) cards to complete the 2001 Donruss set, 16 (18) cards for the 1999 Fleer set and 7 cards for the 1999 Topps set.

So while every set he hit, I’m not even close to finishing, they were all cards I needed so a huge thanks to Dennis but you haven’t seen the best yet.  You will tomorrow, over at Too Many Manninghams, so be sure to check that out tomorrow night.

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