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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #44


We’ve seen 1987 and 1986, today we’ll hit 1985 and then tomorrow the years will start spacing out more.  Tomorrow will be the rest of the 80’s and Friday we will check out the true vintage, a couple of 70’s and even a card from the 60’s.


1985 Donruss – Tony Brewer, Steve Lyons, Billy Hatcher and Larry Sheets

This was another 5 card rookie lot but the 5th card you’ll see when I do the White Sox team sets pick ups.  I paid a quarter for these cards.  I can’t help it but when I see Steve Lyons, I think of this.


1985 Donruss – Mike Pagliarulo, Jeff Pendleton, Rick Schu, Ken Howell and Dan Gladden

I’ve picked up a bunch of Pagliarulo in these 5 card lots.  I got these for, I know you’re shocked, a quarter.


1985 Topps – Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Garvey, Mike Schmidt, Tony Fernandez and Dave Winfield

I don’t think I scanned these 5 cards with the original 5 cards that came in the lot.  I only say that because when I went back to Ebay to see how much I paid, his picture showed different cards.  Regardless, I paid a quarter each for this lot and the next.


1985 Topps – Jose Rijo, Mike Young, Mark Bailey, Jeff Kunkel and Juan Samuel

Like I said above, I got this rookie lot for a quarter.  I remember the Juan Samuel being a hot rookie as well as Jose Rijo.


1985 Topps – Mike Mason, Terry Pendleton, Darryl Strawberry and Frank Williams

Another quarter, another lot.  This was a 5 card lot but I believe it came with another Juan Samuel.  I definitely remember the Strawberry being as I was a New York Mets fan and was a huge fan of his and Dwight Gooden’s until the whole drug thing then I lost interest in them.


Here’s the rundown on how much I’ve paid and to which collection so far in the Cheaper Than Stamps series.

Player Collections

Barry Larkin (7) $.82 – $.12/card
Bill Melton (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Cal Ripken jr (26) $5.12 – $.20/card
Carl Yastrzemski (8) $3.07 – $.38/card
Carlton Fisk (2) $.66 – $.33/card
Chris Getz (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Gary Carter (12) $2.07 – $.17/card
Hoyt Wilhelm (4) $1.25 – $.31/card
Jim Abbott (8) $2.33 – $.29/card
Johnny Bench (8) $2.05 – $.26/card
Mark Buehrle (2) $.45 – $.23/card
Michael Jordan (13) $1.91 – $.25/card
Mike Schmidt (7) $1.97 – $.28/card
Paul Konerko (3) $.70 – $.23/card
Ryan Zimmerman (10) $2.65 – $.27/card
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1) $.15 – $.15/card
Steve Carlton (4) $1.14 – $.29/card
Tom Seaver (6) $1.44 – $.24/card

Vintage Collections

1980's (260) $39.78 – $.15/card
1970's (19) $4.63 – $.24/card
1960's (7) $1.98 – $.28/card

Team Collections

White Sox (1) $.15 – $.15/card


  1. Some big names for some low prices.

  2. Great deal on the 85's but I can't stand Garvey. He really needs a pie in the face.