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Monday, March 27, 2017

3 card Monday

I had to open another dispute on Ebay today. Most of the time, I either get a response or a refund. I never get upset if they respond with a my bad or oh crap! I forgot. I've been there and things get in the way. I've gotten cards over a month late before and as long as they send it, I still leave positive feedback. Most of the time, I just get a refund with no explanation. I wonder how many of those are just people who refused to send the cards because I won them so cheap. Doesn't matter to me because unless they used tracking, which who does that with a PWE, Paypal guarantees my money. I feel like an asshole starting a dispute for only $.15. I know it's not a lot of money, but it's a whole another card I could have purchased and it certainly isn't my fault that I won it so cheap, it's not like I cheated the system. Oh well, I'm sure I'll probably get the refund.

I did get 3 envelopes today with 3 cards. 2 White Sox, 2 Vintage and 1 player collection.

I picked up this 1980 Topps for $.25/shipped. This card puts that set at 132 cards and just over 18% complete.

I picked this up for $.23/shipped, it goes to the Vintage and the White Sox collections. It is my 92nd card of the 1977 Topps set putting that at just under 14% completed. As far as the White Sox team set, I still need another 8 cards to complete it.

I picked this Jim Abbott card for $.25/shipped as well. It goes to the White Sox collection also. It's always good to see Jim in the White Sox gear. I still need 5 cards to complete that team set, I don't know how many it started with but I know I probably only have a few. It's also my 89th card of Jim Abbott.

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