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Friday, March 17, 2017

Three in One

I got one envelope with 3 cards in it today. I bid on a bunch of his cards for sale but it only came down to these 3 cards that I won.

I picked up these 2 1980 Topps for the Vintage Collection and the top card goes to the White Sox Collection as well. They give me 129 cards of that set and the Junior Moore brings the White Sox team set to still needing 10 cards. I got the Moore for $.21.shipped and the Crowley for $.25/shipped.

Most of the cards I saw he had for sale were vintage but this was thrown in there as well. He used 9 cards per picture on his listings and this card was with 8 other 1980 Topps. I also picked this one for $.25/shipped. This puts my Mike Schmidt Collection at the century mark. It's been moving on up since the beginning of the year, of all my player collections, I've picked up more of him than any other in that time frame (yes, I've been keeping track.)

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